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Welcome to the guild with a difference 

Here we strive  for greatness. We recruit loyal mature members that enjoy helping other guild members. 

P.S. Even thou our toons don't have to eat or rest we do. So grab a bite and a nap every once in a while. we don't want to lose any dedicated guild members.

   Have fun   

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New Building in the Guild Castle

chuckandchris, May 21, 11 9:38 PM.
We have recently added a new building to our guild castle. This new building is the stables. The stables are where players who have and/or are renting mounts can purchase increased riding speed so they can get around a lot faster. This new addition will help us get our buff towers that we want and will get in the near future. so congratulations to our entire guild and keep up the good work, pretty soon all our hard work will pay off in Siege War.

Spring Rain Festival Helps the Guild

Sweeetee, Apr 26, 11 2:37 PM.
Have you checked out the Spring Rain Festival event yet? There are little quests you can do once a day that gives you 3 earth spirit crystals. The Happy Digging event in Howling Mountains is a one hour event, three times a day at 11am est, 4pm est, and 8pm est. You follow a wabbit on a merry round of digging for treasures and earn more earth spirit cyrstals. A repeatable quest for that hour. At Varanas turn in 12 crystals in Central Square for a reward. Not only can you get costumes to put you in the mood for this celebration but you earn all kinds of prizes like pets, house energy, furniture that earns you TP and XP bonuses, and items to donate to the guild. This has really helped out our guild with ore, wood, herbs, guild runes, guild rubies and guild stones. Don't miss out on this opportunity check out Happy Digging and support the guild and earn neat prizes for yourself!

The Field

chuckandchris, Apr 21, 11 12:03 PM.
We have the Field now. so now we have The Academy, Forge, Field, and Lumber Yard. thank you to all of you that helped us get the Field and now we ask all guild members to contribute more for the Factory which cost about 5 thousand of ore, wood, and herb.

Forge and LumberYard Built

Sweeetee, Apr 14, 11 7:58 PM.
Woohoo!!! We now have not only a Academy but a Forge and a Lumberyard. If your computer can handle it, you can help the guild by making another character and parking them at one of them and have them harvest resources for the guild. Or as Silver does you can keep them there working when you go to bed! We are moving along yay us!!!

SirLeo Says On the Way to Siege War

Leonitus01, Apr 10, 11 9:58 PM.
We just need a little bit more ppl then we have our castle Yay. With that comes siege and other cool stuff. After we have our Castle we must make buff towers it will help our members allot so come on guys :D
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